I’m a shepherd

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I have thought about an ecological principle that ‘everything is connected to everything else,’ which to me means that every action has many ramifications. I have thought about the animal rights supporters who believe that animals have an inherent worth – a value completely separate from their usefulness to humans. I have also thought about to challenge the society’s traditional view that all non-human animals exist solely for human use.

The current debates about how humans should treat animals can be traced back to the ancient period. This ancient period morally accepted and permitted without questioning the use of animals by humans – for food, research subjects, clothing, and as entertainment. The truth is, whether we like it or not, all animals have the ability to suffer the same way and to the same scale that humans do. Unnecessary cruelty to animals should be strictly forbidden if humans couldn’t endure the same treatment. Animals should also be accorded the same sensitivity as human beings. They feel pain, pleasure, fear, frustration, loneliness and motherly love the same as humans.

I strongly disapproved and against hunting as a sport. I read the bible sometime ago and I came across something that says, ‘those who care for animals are heroes, while those who hunt animals are villains.’ I also thought of the vision of Eden, which I believe focus on the issues of animal welfare and vegetarianism. What happened to all those shepherds? Currently humans have been transformed to carnivores – eating straight from the nest or womb of an animal without any remorse. I thought vegetarian diet should be considered the ideal for humanity. In view of the many threats related to our environment, which will affect our livestock agriculture and wildlife, working to promote vegetarianism may be the most important action one can take for global survival. Predator animals have no choice but human beings do have a choice. Predators don’t hunt for fur and ivory but for food. They must eat other animals in order to live. I don’t see a point in claiming rights for animals if we subordinate those rights to human desire. I am certain that some animal products could still be obtained from animals that died natural deaths. Here we should remember the ecological principle again – human’s action does not affect only humans – we are connected to everything else.

Let’s put down our steak knifes and forks for a while and let nature be nature – stop interfering. We can all be shepherds and let the eggs hatch in its nest.


  Can a true democracy exist without justice? Is there a point in preaching  reconciliation while there is still no justice? I see no point of reconciling if it means nothing to the perpetrators. Perpetrators are the people who still own everything that were obtained during the dark days of apartheid, mansions, farms, land, businesses and so forth.

It still doesn’t make sense to me why our so-called ‘brisk brains’ black leaders had to negotiate revolution. It appears to me that through the negotiating process truth has since replaced justice and reconciliation meant to embrace wickedness of apartheid. The rules that came with the ‘most cherished democracy meant Africans must be forced to forgive. Currently it looks like Africans will continue with the same struggle of injustice even years after apartheid.  Democracy with its free market system means nothing comes cheap. Expensive good education means further unemployment as the whites together with the ANC leaders continue to enjoy life at the expense of the people who fought apartheid.

Those in power live in mansions and hotels, while most of the people are forced to live in rat-infested townships. To me anc leaders aren’t people – they are parasites. Unlike the poor blacks majority living in the shacks (homeless and landless), our so-called public servants and their families prefer to make use of the private sector.

In my opinion, the South African version of democracy is like a continuance of apartheid. Whites still have everything they owned during apartheid. The advantage of high-class schools with libraries + ANC has played a major role in uplifting their lives. The ruling government together with their white opponents continues to undermine and subjugate the majority of the blacks. All what perpetrators need to do to convince the anc leaders during the codesa negotiations was only to say ‘sorry, lets start afresh with us still keeping everything apartheid government gave us’ – and while blacks continue to suffer, Mandela becomes a hero.

Poor young people are fighting a wall. We need a serious revolution and our land back. It now makes sense why most African countries had to crumble after independence. People were strangled by their so-called their own liberation leaders. This ANC apartheid needs to be abolished!!!

Playing Pig-Pork game!

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Return animals to the places where they can be free to roam around, graze and have sex before being slaughtered as food. The recent Time magazine issue asked the question ‘why do some powerful and famous men behave like pigs?’  … But which pig exactly?

Pigs are regarded as the most shameless animals on earth. The reason I’m glad that I don’t eat pork. In Islam it is a major sin to eat pork as pigs are considered the dirtiest animals. The modern pigs are more sophisticated though. These modern pigs are not playing in the dump anymore and they live a technological life. They aren’t even allowed to have sex. Hence, I’m not sure what the Time magazine is trying to say comparing the behaviour of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, John Edwards and Arnold Schwarzenegger to that of pigs?

I believe that my feelings are rooted in as a big animal lover. However, with the modern corporate hog factories replacing traditional hog farms, pigs are being treated more as inanimate tools of production than normal living organisms. While the average life span of a wild pig is twenty-five years, and the life span of a domestic pig is approximately twelve years, a pig in a corporate factory would be lucky to survive longer than six months. This modern breeding ensures that sows are treated like piglet-manufacturing machines. They are made to live a continuous cycle of impregnation and birth. Sows are raised to make more than twenty-five piglets per year without having sex or living like animals. The truth is that, factory-farmed pigs may never see daylight. Piglets are separated from their mothers after birth. They are packed into pens and raised apparently for breeding or for meat.

Jonathan Safran Foer, the author of the book “Eating Animals” argued that we should stop lying to ourselves about knowing all the studies on animal agriculture, pollution, toxic chemicals in factory-farmed animals which exposés of the appalling cruelty to animals in that industry.  Not that I’m promoting his book but I acknowledge that I know less about where my food comes from. That is actually my question, where does this food come from? The problem with factory-farmed meat isn’t the meat; it’s the factory. The farmers are playing a Pig-Pork game with meat-eaters.

Pigs on organic farms continues to have their tails chopped off and chunks of their ears cut out—and some have rings put into their noses. Of course to permanently stop them from rooting in the grass and dump. They are still not allowed to have sex… It’s confusing on who is behaving like a pig or who is actually a pig.


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I have never thought much about the suggestions uprooting the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. I heard that a rainbow currency is waiting in case the US dollar crash and this new currency will not be backed by gold. Russia has proposed regional reserve currencies as part of a response to the global financial crisis – but who is Russia anyway. How about we follow what is known as fiat money system? That will ensure a physical commodity does not back money.

The Yuan Dynasty was different to the fiat money system though; political corruption and the heavy economic burden of corvee caused a succession of peasant uprisings that lead to the end of it. Perhaps that shows money is given its worth by its relative scarcity and the trust placed in it by the people using it. The world remains imbalanced because few uneducated bigots own most of the wealth, while hard workers have to service them. In the present international monetary system, countries more often, create, changes in purchasing power parity by inflating their own currency at a rate greater than that of their trading partners. Which makes rife the corruption and shoddy capitalistic dogmas carried by the wealthiest.

Closet Snare

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The spirits do seem to hang out in closets, basements and walls isn’t it? I have never seen ghosts or spirits but I have seen a chained skeleton. Just like the maimed poor karoo Khoi community that die slow because of the radiation from the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station waste.

Once Shell convinced people of safety, so safe as the people in Chernobyl/ Ukraine did and how people in Fukushima/ Japan were assured that the plant was safe. Most Karoo farmers depend wholly on groundwater for their livestock. Where will Karoo Lamb come from if there is no Karoo grazing left? No doubt the nuclear waste will surely temper with the underground stream.

Exactly how clean is nuclear power? Nuclear power is touted as cleaner than other existing means of producing electricity, but no one anywhere on this planet, has yet to build a permanent repository for nuclear waste. The pellets of uranium that bring heat to the generating process are relatively tiny. But they are so dangerous that they have to be stored, after use, in lead and concrete containers.

I already heard of the skeletons caused by the radioactive materials. However every tom and jen, the believers of nuclear power tries to play that down and assure me safety.

Pike me Underground

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If humans and animals come from a common ancestor, then that ancestor would be mostly a plant-eater. While Aristotle divided the living world between animals and plants, Charles Darwin’s well-accepted ideas about evolutionary continuity were that, differences among species are different in degree rather than kind. Think of our cousins, the other primates, which are primarily plant eaters. Still humans hunted many animals to extinction with fire and spears and we are still counting.

God gave us the permission to eat that which contains seeds – mostly plants. Many years ago, the human brain invented agriculture, and hunting lost its importance. In the past two centuries, nutrients in various kinds of meat were identified. Humans learned how to get nutrients from soy, nuts, and other vegetable sources instead of slaughtering animals. Growing meat like this will be good for us in lots of ways. Instead of further sending many animals distinct, we’ll be able to make beef without using animal fat. At some point, human’s diet was primarily from fruits, like the modern chimpanzees. Of course there are rebels, and the Adam and Eve story, when they are cast out from Eden comes in. Today we have pikes that help to bury many animals either underground or in our stomachs.

Ruraling us!!

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Black land workers have traditionally been paid part of their salary in cash and still get taxed or in alcohol or food that could be traded, but most of the time it was wine and resulted in hidden alcohol problems.

The Land Act of 1913 did not permit Africans to own land. Apartheid system limited African land ownership to ‘native reserves’, with communal land tenure administered by traditional leaders. The government has been aiming to transfer a third of agricultural land in South Africa to black farmers by the year 2014. To date, progress towards this target has been very slow, with only about 4% transferred. If the land redistribution still depends on the willingness of those whites who own to sell, then forget about an “evaluation of land and expropriation thereof. We need a light to the current government to realize the waste of time. Unemployment and poverty are escalating while the land reform wheel remains still.


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I respected the rights of construction workers during the 2010 FIFA World Cup stadiums in South Africa to strike. They were right if they felt they have legitimate grievances. These poor workers with the heart of a soccer ball had done everything to make the country proud. Yet, they are now back to were they belong – unemployed and poor.

South Africa has a skewed economy — where the majority of the poor are black people but most rich people are white. It has sprawling dormitory townships where there is little else for people to do but sleep because of the injustices of the past. Billions have been spent on revamping South Africa’s airports, hotels and building brand new football stadiums. Big businesses corporations who didn’t really need money like the poor are the ones who could afford to pay whatever was necessary for a trading permit during the world cup. At this stage, I’m increasingly comfortable in calling many of the worst conditions products of the present government’s failure as much as of the apartheid legacy. I was not against the World Cup but I’m still against the government that continues to treat the poor people like shit.

Planet Wheeling…

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The Wheel of Life illustrates in a popular way the essence of the Buddhist teachings, the Four Truths: the existence of earthly suffering, its origin and cause, the ending or prevention of misery and the practice path to liberation from suffering.

While you need to have drive and focus if you’re going to get things done, taking this too far can lead to frustration and intense stress. A balanced life (if there’s any) does not mean getting everything right: some areas need more attention and focus than others at any time. And inevitably you will need to make choices and compromises.

This planet wheel is complex. It does not require determination to achieve imaginary balanced life. However, it does indicates the trivia related to achieving it. The ending or prevention from misery can only happen on one side and messes up on the other… or vice versa.

Koporo Le Lenaka!

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In the Book ‘Heart of Darkness,’ Joseph Conrad explained in the following lines when he said, “The word ‘ivory’ rang in the air, was whispered, was sighed. You would think they were
praying to it.” In his report he mentioned that their rapacity the “pilgrims” have placed ivory as their God, a realization that has greater meaning towards the end of the book. The European navigator Bartolomeu Dias was the first to sail around the Cape of Good Hope, in 1488. He opened the lucrative trading route of ivory and copper with the Far East. He named the Cape “the Cape of Storms.”

Ivory comes from elephants, some whales and other mammals, so if you want to follow tradition in cruelty-free style, choose the modern alternatives of opal or gold gifts. Tusks from African and Asian elephants, wild boars, walruses and narwhals as well as extinct mammoths and mastodons have been used throughout history (and pre-history) to produce a range of ornamental and useful objects. Copper-bottomed saucepans are prized by celebrity chefs, or be ‘bold as brass’ and take your beloved for an extreme sports experience such as bungee jumping or whitewater rafting.