Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Do I see myself as an active citizen? Well, in fact I believe each person must think of himself or herself as the guardian of the constitution and perhaps live its values in their homes. But Pasop! Not when its teeth are out for you.

I can’t follow what is more important in SA today. The changing of the judiciary into a ‘government toy?’ Or could it be the state protection bill? Is it maybe the failing of our education system? How about the race issue? It could also be the unemployment rate affecting the majority of the citizens. It might also be all of the above and many more.  It’s quite tricky to prioritise or follow with sustained attention. These are all disheartening issues that should perhaps be on every citizen’s mind.

Most of us appear to have missed the step in becoming active citizens. We all seem to have ignored or rather underestimated the depth of the chasm that we inherited. It seems so far, none of us has a clue on how to steer our country’s ship to the right direction. I have listened to many people I thought were influential. Most of them had nothing to offer except quoting Nelson Mandela. I have no problem with that except they seem to have no further ideas to add on. Hence, I find it misleading when the question is raised about what happens after Mandela.

Not that I have a foresight on the state protection bill outcome, but currently my vote on press freedom and the state information bill is 50% divided. It is sometimes appalling to read or hear what comes in the media. Twisted views and lack of competitive knowledge on how to solve the current state of the country is what I had detected. Still, I do not think the bill will come as a remedy for that cause.

My view is that we should pasop! To avoid the teeth that have bitten the entire continent, we need to become active citizens. We need to be the champions of our constitution that enshrines our social justice. We need to worry more about being proactive and channel our great participation in the right direction. Clearly eighteen years and still counting, something is not right. The youth needs to be enlightened and brought in the debates. Invest more in youth development curb the unemployment rate. Give more support to artists, entrepreneurs and build more schools with libraries.


*Pasop – Beware

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